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Estate planning enables a person to control what happens to his or her assets at the end of his or her life. A will is the most basic estate-planning tool and is used to direct the distribution of the decedent’s estate. Other tools, such as trusts, may be useful, depending on the size of the person’s estate and whether there are dependent or disabled loved ones in the picture. Depending on your goals, your estate plan may allow your estate to avoid probate entirely. Do not leave these important issues to chance by allowing the State to decide what happens.

Wills and Trusts are both planning documents used to pass on your assets after death. Depending on your circumstances, a trust might be more beneficial for your situation.

The following are some reasons why Trusts are an excellent way to pass on your estate:

  • A trust can be used to avoid probate
    • A trust is a useful tool for avoiding probate because assets that are owned in the name of the trust are immediately accessible to the trust-makers successor.
  • A trust can provide creditor protection for the inheritance you leave to beneficiaries
    • A trust allows the maker to protect an estate from the reach of the beneficiaries’ creditors.
  • A trust can protect governmental benefits for a person with disabilities
    • Leaving a trust for beneficiaries with disabilities is the best way to ensure that their government benefits are secured and that the inheritance you leave will be able to pay for expenses.
  • A trust can administer assets for minor beneficiaries without court intervention
    • Creating a trust for passing along assets to minors is the best way to ensure that the court is not involved in the process

If you want to know more about if a trust is right for you, contact our office. Landon A Dunn, Attorney at Law can help you!

Landon A Dunn, Attorney at Law can help you prepare your Personal Will and provide advice on any aspect of Estate Planning.

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