I Have Read A Lot About Needing A Revocable Trust To Protect My Assets From The State, Is This Necessary?

Probate in our state is a means to ensure that creditors are paid and that the beneficiaries of your estate are properly distributed the assets as directed by your Will. Life insurance, IRA’s, 401K’s, joint accounts with right of survivorship and real estate held by right of survivorship and real estate held by right of survivorship are not assessed fees by the probate court. Only assets held in your sole name are assessed at $4 per $1,000. Real Estate held in an individual’s name will require a full estate administration to establish who owns the property. A revocable trust is recommended to avoid probate as well as to avoid estate tax when the total estate including life insurance, 401K IRAs, and all other assets is over $6 million. Note the current estate tax is assessed at over 13 million per person but may be reduced to $6 million per person in 2026.