Attorney Landon Dunn works with businesses throughout the Matthews area.

She will ask you about the specific legal issue which brings you in but will also make sure that the remedies she suggests also fit in with your long term goals for your company. Landon, as a small business owner herself, also understands the bottom line. She will be direct with you and provide accurate documents and filings that represent your interests.

She understands that there are many on-line services which deal with business formations, and that you can simply go to the North Carolina website yourself. However, when helping you start your business, besides walking you though the drawbacks and benefits of setting up as a Sole Proprietorship, Corporation or LLC, she will make sure you understand the importance of following-through with ownership documentation, operating agreements and adherence to by-laws--failure to do so can cause problems later on when trying to sell the business.

If you are looking for a small business attorney in the Matthews Area, please consider the Law Office of Landon Dunn. With over 40 years of experience in Small Business Law, attorney Landon Dunn can help. Call us or use our contact form.

Formation And Organization

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Corporate Governance

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Contract Review

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Commercial Lease Review

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Asset Purchase Agreement

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